Rajon Rondo :為彼此犧牲是成功關鍵


「現在的芝加哥公牛有三巨頭,一個是我,一個是Jimmy Butler,另一個是 Dwyane Wade,就算如此,公牛隊仍然是屬於Jimmy的隊伍」剛加入芝加哥公牛的 Rajon Rondo 說。在禮拜四,公牛隊正式宣布Rondo的加盟。公牛隊並沒有公開合約的內容,但是這位四次入選全明星賽的球星先前跟公牛達成一分兩年至少2800萬合約。

Rajon Rondo said Thursday the Chicago Bulls have “three alphas” with Jimmy ButlerDwyane Wade and himself on the squad, but that “it’s Jimmy’s team.”The Bulls officially announced Rondo’s signing Thursday. The team did not disclose terms of the contract, but the four-time All-Star has previously told The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears that he agreed to a two-year contract worth almost $28 million.


“Jimmy’s the youngest, he’s the engine here,” Rondo told reporters. “It’ll be Jimmy, Wade, and then it will be a pecking order.”


Rondo, 30, said he’s confident he will be able to coexist with Wade, 34, and Butler, 26, in Chicago.


“The main thing is that we have three alphas. There will be three alphas on the team,” Rondo told reporters. “Just trying to mesh together and try to make sure we are doing the best thing for the team.”

Rondo在波士頓與三巨頭(Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce 和 Ray Allen)共事時學到了如何讓三個巨星能夠在同一支隊伍打球,關鍵就是「為彼此犧牲」

He said he learned from watching the Big Three in Boston (Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce and Ray Allen) that the key to three stars coexisting on a team is to “sacrifice for one another.”


“Playing in Boston, playing with the Big Three, I was able to see how those guys interacted with one another. Knowing that everything doesn’t have to be perfect in practice,” he said.


“You’re going to disagree, but if you all have one common goal at the end of the day and that’s to get a W, that’s all that matters. Egos go out the window and we all have one common goal.”


而Rondo將要取代被交易至紐約尼克隊的前MVP Derrick Rose

Wade, who played with the Miami Heat for 13 seasons, announced his intention to sign with the Bulls on Wednesday night.Rondo replaces former MVP Derrick Rose, who was traded to New York before the draft.

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